New TV and Internet agreement with Viken Altibox

The new tv and internet agreement is effective from: Oct. 1st 2019

The New agreement includes:

  • Internet 50-50 Mbps
  • Altibox-app
  • 50 hour recording and storage
  • TV everywhere
  • 15 + 5 TV channels
  • UHD

Your new decoder:

  • Everyone will receive a sms from Viken Fiber approx. mid September with information about the new decoder.
  • Your new decoder will be delivered to your door by Helt Hjem.
  • Please note: your new decoder should not be connected before October 1st. It will not work on your current Viken set-up.
  • Your old decoder should be dropped off at an e-waste facility. (Snarøya, Power, Elkjøp etc)


  • Your new internet and TV package will not come with an additional cost on top of the price you pay today. You should not pay additional for any recording and storage since this is now included in the new agreement.



Best regards


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